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"We were very much impressed with Cassidy's services. All our questions were answered professionally and concerns were alleviated, without ever feeling rushed. All sources were investigated thoroughly, and we were able to see the specific mold species under the microscope ourselves, which really increased our understanding."

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Our Commitment

Environmental Initiatives strives to provide timely and informative assessments. Our goal is to provide clients options for testing of indoor environmental and contaminant exposure issues. We work with our clients to understand the cause of an issue and the most effective solutions. We believe in consultant/contractor separation and do not offer any contracting or remediation services to eliminate conflicts of interest in our services and recommendations.

Our Company

We provide residential, commercial, and industrial clients with answers to their indoor environmental and contaminant exposure concerns. Our services range from assessing buildings to look for potential impacts on occupant health, conducting testing for contaminants such as asbestos or chemicals, to understanding why building systems fail or do not meet comfort needs.

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